Fascinating game for phones Geometry Dash

Be a game with very simple graphics, the gameplay is nothing new, but in recent days Geometry Dash is really addictive game for any believer who has ever played it.


Geometry Dash Lite for iOS action game genre Endless Running Run with no end. Your task is simply touch the screen to move a box jump over obstacles consecutive appearance on the track and set new records. It sounds very easy to play but very Geometry Dash “brain damage” not least the outstanding product or series as Flappy Bird Swing copters … Currently, players can experience the free Lite Geometry Dash across the background Android platform with exciting gameplay and compelling. Although omitted some displays as well as other features compared with Geometry Dash, Geometry Dash Lite still extremely interesting and creates craze in mobile entertainment.

Owning normal graphics and simple gameplay but Geometry Dash Lite again reached number 5-star rating on the App Store is extremely high. Game can make you mad and threw the phone away but hard to end up being. Reason? Because Geometry Dash struck a chord with gamers who prefers conquering game hard, and the harder, the more “hegemony”, the movement increasingly frantic play.

In Geometry Dash, you will dance its way and there is no pattern at all, jumping through all this danger to other dangers, until you … they’ve got enough. However, with a sound platform EDM its fascinating past each table, players will feel strangely fascinated, the audio matched dance steps makes you feel excited and never bored.

In addition to just jump out, you can through the gate to move to different areas and rides on his various equipment as well as a different way of normal movement, eg spacecraft will take you to outer space, or trace the throne radio …

Geometry Dash game is indispensable for any mobile device, without waiting any longer portable machine up and download this game right for you. Geometry Dash Lite is now available for free on both iOS and Android 2 platform.

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How to overcome challenges in Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash if a fair comment, then this is the game easy cause you frustration but in a positive way. Since this is a fast-paced game genre so each death will make you scream disappointed but make sure you will again restart to try to overcome the challenges for it.


You’ll start the game with a character blocks and control them. Every time you touch the screen to make your character jump. Therefore, you need exact timing and location possible standards to be able to overcome the obstacles on the way include saws, spikes …

During each level of Geometry Dash, you will see some coins secret that you need to go out of your way to get standards. If you’re struggling just to get through the level, forget about it. They just make things more difficult. Since you need to finish the level to collect them, they only focus on its value once you know what to expect from the full extent.

Geometry Dash pretty amazing background music for each level. However, it can also make you distracted and difficult to concentrate. Therefore, when starting the game you should turn off the music to ensure focus.

One piece of advice for you is to try the challenging test for you with Practice mode mode and then start a normal game mode. This will help you check the traps and dangerous places before jumping in. Practice mode does not count Towards you beating the level, but it can help you figure out how to get past a tricky spot and give you Particularly a heads-up as to what’s up ahead. You can drop checkpoints in practice mode, you are not stuck means again starting from the very beginning each time and can take as many goes at a tricky part as you want new.

The only catch is none of it counts because we’re talking about practice, not a game. You need to switch back to the regular game mode to Further progress in the game.

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Download Geometry Dash for Iphone free

Geometry Dash is a game that is receiving a lot of love. It is too simple a game where you will jump and fly your way. You get a lot of experience through the games seemed very simple.


You can find many levels in the game like Stereo Madness, Back on Track, Poltergeist, Dry out, after Base Base, Can not Let Go Jumper, Time Machine, Cycles and much more. There are two modes in the game called training mode and normal mode. There are different colors, shapes and characters already in the game and you need to complete tasks to unlock.

The level of Geometry Dash is usually very small platform surrounded by countless dangers, and is probably the most difficult thing for each level that you can not control the character’s movement. However, no matter how difficult they might be in trouble, but the challenges and obstacles tend to repeat over time, so you are sure enough practice to master them.

Moreover, each level in Geometry Dash have a special song that can only be enjoyed if you play the levels in normal mode. This makes it fun to progress through the levels, all of which match the rhythm of his songs. However, you can grow a little annoyed and tired of constantly hearing the same songs if you die a few times and have to play from the start.

Geometry Dash is a game of style platformer where our sole objective is to avoid all the pitfalls we encounter along the stage, in order to complete the levels without our character cast end pieces.This character started being a cube, but as we can go beyond levels customizing with different shapes and colors all new mind.Also we suffer some changes as we move through the levels, becoming a vessel, a wheel or even a UFO.

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How to play Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash is a game that can anesthetize anyone play it in the first place.

Geometry Dash is an arcade-style game is developed and published by Robert Topala. It was released for $ 1.99 USD on August 13, 2013 for iOS and Android, and for $ 3.99 USD on December 22, 2014 for a bit. A Lite version of the game is also available on mobile devices with fewer features. Update 2.0 is a major update to Geometry Dash 10th. It was officially released to the public on August 26, 2015.


In the current premium version, will have 14 challenges for you and one of them has not unlocked. Depending on each challenge you’ll have to take a long or short period of time to complete. One piece of advice for you, so test before their challenge mode Practice Mode and then start the game modes are Normal Mode, this will help you in difficult spot check before the jump or been framed so you can feel more confident when playing for real. Article offensive in Geometry Dash, with each challenge, you’ll have to play a turn from start to finish and every time you die, you will start again from the beginning.

Jump and fly your way through danger in rhythm-based action platformer this!

Prepare for a near impossible challenge in the world of Geometry Dash. Push your skills to the limit as you jump, fly and flip your way through dangerous passages and spiky obstacles.

Play the game with a simple touch many levels that will keep you entertained for hours!

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Geometry Dash play high scores

Geometry Dash is a very popular online games and enjoyed for mobile phones.


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Born in 2013, Geometry Dash quickly became engaged and interested in the world of gaming entertainment. In fact, this is a pretty simple game, activity based on rhythm and music unique. This game has all 20 levels, experiencing each level, players will enjoy a different musical background, impressive, distinctive and unique.
Geometry Dash quite friendly with the players, because, this game relevant and compelling cause for both adults and children. In this game, players have to jump through all the obstacles and the best direction to avoid touching the challenges along the way. Every time completing a level, Geometry Dash will automatically unlock the next level.
You can collect their stars and gold coins on the road to power. To get the stars in the Geometry Dash, you need to focus on speed and your time. Since you can not control the speed, you can work to improve the timing of your game. When you finish the level and advance to the next level, you will unlock new icons with a achievement. You can earn more stars by completing the user created levels.
Coins and stars play an important role in Geometry Dash to help you succeed. To win the game, you will need a lot of coins and stars.Coins can be used to implement a way to improve your game and you can purchase various upgrades by paying coins. But you need to collect a lot of coins to unlock upgrades benefit the quality high.
Geometry Dash is a great game for those days of tension and fatigue with anyone.

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Download Geometry Dash game for Android

Geometry Dash has been a storming game on the gaming market as soon as it has just come out.

Reviews objectively the kind of game Geometry Dash controls are quite simple and easy, but the difficulty of it is out of discussion. Geometry Dash prone to feeling resentful players not unlike previous Flappy Bird, but this is also the attraction of this game feels like to be the main dig for.


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In Geometry Dash you to start with a block of the square is the main character, it will be moved automatically forward and one each time you press on the screen, you will make it jump. So you’ll need to watch the time, the exact time to make the jump to avoid obstacles like spikes, saws, … At some point in each challenge, you’ll go through a circular port to lead into another world. Then your character square will be replaced with the name of the rocket. To make the rocket fly higher, you will need to tap the screen repeatedly. Of course you also have to control the rocket to avoid obstacles like when control so square blocks.

One of the very attractive and distinctive graphics of Geometry Dash is designed extremely eye-catching, beautiful and cute.

Geometry Dash also has many rich features and attractions such as:
– The rhythm game based platforming action
– You can share your score and level with playmates
– Unlock the full-color screen play

Immediately download this breakout game and enjoy yet
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Geometry Dash Unblocked Games

If someone is struggling to find an attractive game, but stayed moderate difficulty Geometry Dash is worthy of your first choice.

Geometry Dash, if a fair assessment, is a simple game and gentle. But this is also the advantages of its own, because it matches the entertainment needs of many people, of all ages.


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Despite a simple graphics, but the game is a colorful world. Tones always be transferred seamlessly between green, red, purple, … This could cause you a feeling dizzy because of the constantly changing so very easily cause eye disorders.

Geometry  Dash difficulty through each level patio. But do not be too worried because control characters in Geometry Dash is pretty straightforward and simple calculations You will have to touch the screen so that the blocky jump in time to avoid the nails , the other boxes even poppers … there is no room for mistakes with this product.

Finally, one of the most magnificent views of Geometry Dash is the soundtrack. This is a game based on the music, so you will definitely need a good set of headphones to fully enjoy and immerse yourself in this exciting world. Each level in Geometry Dash has a separate songs and games for your support also functions Download Soundtrack, if you really love it.

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